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BL0200 series are 2ch output LED driver IC for LED backlight, and it can do dimming to 0.02 % by external PWM signal.
This IC realizes high efficiency by the boost convertor control that absorbs variability on VF.
The product easily achieves high cost-performance LED drive system with few external components and enhanced protection functions.

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    Boost converter
    ・Current-Mode type PWM Control
    ・PWM frequency is 200kHz
    ・Maximum On Duty is 90 %
    LED current control
    ・Individual PWM Dimming Control
    ・Analog Dimming
    ・High contrast ratio is 1 / 5000
    ・Accuracy of Reg output voltage is ± 2%
    Protection functions
    ・Error Signal Output
    ・Overcurrent Protection for Boost Circuit (OCP): Pulse-by-pulse
    ・Overcurrent Protection for LED Output (LED_OCP): Pulse-by-pulse
    ・Overvoltage Protection (OVP): Auto restart
    ・Output Open/Short Protection: Auto restart
    ・Thermal Shutdown (TSD): Auto restart


    ・LED backlight
    ・LED lighting, etc


Circuit Type Boost
Isolated / Non-Isolated Non-Isolated
MOSFET Breakdown Voltage
On-Resistance Ω
Output Current A
OCP Pulse by pulse
OVP Auto Restart
LED Open / Short Protection YES
Dimming Function Analog / PWM


LED Back Light Driver Lineup
ch Products Frequency VREGAccuracy Notes
1ch BL0100A 100 to 500kHz ±2% Error Signal Output
2ch BL0200C 200kHz
BL0202C 200kHz ±1.5% Enable Function
BL0202B 100kHz

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Pin Configuration Definitions

Pin Configuration Definitions

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