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The SI-3000KM series are series regulator ICs which use a hyposaturation-type PNP bipolar transistor in the power section, and are capable of operating with small difference between input-output voltages. Each of the products has an ON/OFF terminal which operates in Active High mode; and current consumption during OFF condition falls to nearly zero.
The SI-3000KM series offers two product groups: 17V-input products (SI-3012KM, SI-3025KM, and SI-3033KM) can use a ceramic capacitor as the output capacitor; and high-voltage products (35V-input: SI-3010KM, SI-3050KM, SI-3090KM, and SI-3120KM) can use an electrolytic capacitor as the output capacitor.

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    ・Compact surface-mount package(TO252-5)
    ・Output current: 1.0A
    ・Low dropout voltage: VDIF ≤ 0.6V (at IO = 1.0 A)
    ・Low circuit current consumption: Iq ≤ 350 μA
    ・Low circuit current consumption during output OFF:
       Iq (OFF) ≤ 1 μA
    ・Built-in overcurrent and thermal protection


    ・Secondary stabilized power supply (local power supply)


Output Voltage 3.3 V
Output Current 1.00 A
Input Voltage 17.00 V
Dropout Voltage 0.6 V
Output Method Fixed
Output On / Off YES
Low ESR Capacitor Support YES
Overcurrent Protection Drooping Type

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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