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AC/DC Converter IC Transformer Design Support [PWM]

Please fill in the power supply specifications you’d like to design. A reference transformer design will be e-mailed to you later.

*The suggested value may not be calculated correctly if the value entered exceeds the specified values instructed
  on the right side of each field.
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Input&Output (Required)
Input/Output Type
Min. Input Voltage VIN(min.) V    A value greater than 0 (only numeric)
Max. Input Voltage VIN(max.) V    A value greater than VIN(min.) (only numeric)
Line Frequency for AC fLine Hz    A value between 47 to 63 (only numeric)
Input Main Capacitor CIN μF    100V/Wide→2 to 3μF/W, 200V→1μF/W (only numeric)
Output Voltage Vout V    A value greater than 0 (only numeric)
Output Current Iout A    A value greater than 0 (only numeric)
Efficiency %    Vout=3.3 to 5V→70% to 80%, Vout≧12V→80% to 85%
                               (only numeric)
Controllable Min. DC Voltage VDCCNTL(Min.) V    93V and below (only numeric)
Select the ACDC converter to be used
Operating Conditions
Operation Mode at VDCCNTL(Min.) OPMODE1
Ouput Reflected Voltage (Flyback Voltage) VRO V  0V and more (only numeric)
Forward Voltage of
Secondary Diode, VF_DS
V  0V and more (only numeric)
CCM On Duty at VDCCNTL(Min.) DonC1   Equal to VRO/(VDCCNTL(MIN)+VRO) (only numeric)

DCM On Duty at VDCCNTL(Min.) DonD1
   Value less than DonC1 (only numeric)
Ferrite Core
Ferrite Core Selection
Ferrite Magnetic Flux Density Bm mT  A value between 200 and 300 (only numeric)
Winding (required)
Wire Current Density
Secondary Winding Number Ns Turns  1 and more (only numeric)
Use of Auxiliary Winding
Forward Voltage of Diode,DA VF DA V  A value between 12.5 and 25 (only numeric)
VCC Voltage VCC V  A value between 12.5 and 25 (only numeric)
Supplementary Information
Supplementary Information
Contact Information
Preferred Sales Representative
Company / Organization Name (required)
Industry (required)
Job Description (required)
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The reference transformer design which will be sent to you later is derived from the calculation based on your specifications; it is not confirmed by actual operations.
It should be noted that the transformer design shows the reference value, and it does not assure the actual operation on your device or system. In actual design, please make adjustments after confirming the operations on your device or system.
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