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MD660x Series Application Examples

The MD660x series are effective for a variety of applications.
As specific examples, this section introduces the following three applications.

4ch Multiple Output Digital DC/DC Converter

Using MD6602, the board controls a 4ch DC/DC converter.
Demonstration Board Features and Specifications
  • The system is configured with a small number of external components by rich analog functions and analog network in MD6602.
  • High-speed response is achieved by performing DSP feedback operations without using CPU.
  • Two units of DSP are incorporated so that plural digital control operations are executed in parallel.
  • The digital filter executes the 3-Pole 2-Zero IIR compensation operations.
  • Control of a different topology is supported flexibly by modifying the software.

Channel Converter Control Method Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current
CH1 Buck Full Digital 12 V 3.3 V 1 A
CH2 Buck Digital Mixed 12 V 5.0 V 1 A
CH3 Buck Full Digital 12 V 1.8 V 1 A
CH4 Boost Full Digital 12 V 24 V 0.25 A

Digital AC/DC Converter with Simultaneous PFC+LLC Control

Using MD6602, the board controls an AC/DC converter configured with a PFC and a LLC.

Demonstration Board Features and Specifications

  • The PFC (Power Factor Correction) and the LLC current resonance converter are controlled simultaneously by one unit of MD6602.
  • The rich analog functions and analog network of MD6602 enable the systems to be configured with only a few external components.
  • The control parameters can be set up according to the Input and Output condition.
  • Efficiency can be maximized by optimal control according to the load condition.
  • STR5A400, which is optimized for the auxiliary power supply of the MCU used in the AC-DC power supply, is mounted.

Item Content
Input Voltage AC 100 V to AC 230 V
PFC Output Voltage 390 V
PFC Operating Frequency 160 kHz (DCM)
LLC Output Voltage/Current 24 V / 5 A
LLC Operating Frequency 160 kHz (min.)

BLDC Motor Control

MD6602 can control BLDC (Brushless DC) motors in addition to power supply.

  • The commutation patterns of the inverter are generated automatically by TinyDSP0, and the rectangular waveform is driven with the advance-angle control.
  • Feedback control of the current loop or speed loop by TinyDSP1.
  • Power supply of the inverter’s previous stage (Buck-boost converter, etc.) can be controlled using the surplus resources of TinyDSP.

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