• Contributing to the Advancement of Future Cars Sanken Electric's Solutions for AutomotivesContributing to the Advancement of Future Cars Sanken Electric's Solutions for Automotives

Reliability Acquired
by Supplying
Automotive Devices Over Half a Century

Sanken has long been engaged in the automotive industry since 1962, beginning with the manufacturing of alternator diodes.

Alternators are used to generate electricity in the engine, therefore requires reliable devices that can withstand the most stringent environment. Later on, we have expanded our portfolio with other discrete products and ICs, which are now used in automobiles worldwide.


HEV/EV System

Sanken offers various devices suitable for HEV/EV systems with high voltage batteries.


Our Approach

The acceleration of technology development caused by both internal and external factors, such as the progress of autonomous driving and the increasingly strict measures against environmental issues, has led to what is said to be a once-in-a-century change.

As a result, there are increased demand for the following:

- Improved fuel efficiency by efficient use of electricity
- Optimization of control technology for motors and electronic loads

In addition, semiconductor devices with higher reliability are being required in order to improve safety.

Today, customers seek high efficiency vehicles to realize a more compact, lightweight, and high reliability devices. Sanken Electric offers a portfolio of semiconductors including MOSFETs, IGBTs, as well as diodes and other high-efficiency power devices, highly reliable monolithic ICs that are available in many packages to meet these needs. Also, board assembly is carried out at our own factory, and production of modules are also available.

Production Forecast of Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

Production Forecast of Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

Features of Sanken Electric Solutions

Power Devices

We offer high efficiency devices with low on-resistance and saturation voltage, including VFP (Vertical Field Plate) structured power MOSFETs, field stop IGBTs, and SiCs.

Power Devices

MCU and Control ICs

We have developed MCUs for power supply monitoring applications that support complex and sophisticated systems, as well as MCUs that provide efficient control of the power devices.

MCU and Control ICs

Our Proprietary Packaging Technology

Die can be mounted on our propriety packages available in various types, including thin, compact, and thermally enhanced packages, to fit the environment in which the product is installed.

Our Proprietary Packaging Technology


Our own proprietary package allows us to create LEDs not only superior in appearance. With combination of the chip and resin we can realize an LED of the desired color.
Sanken Electric's color management technology can create a beautiful interior lighting in automobiles.


Board Assembly

Sanken Electric can support production of modules with our assembly technology accumulated thorough experience with our power supply related business.
Our mechanically and electrically integrated module production can help improve productivity of our customers.

Board Assembly

Products Under Development


SFA0006 Under Development

PWM type AC/DC Converter IC with Primary Side Regulation

Features: AEC-Q100 Qualified, Pb-free, Contributes to Downsizing of Equipment (No Photo Coupler Required for Primary Side)
Application: Battery Chargers for HEV/EV


SAE65xx Under Development

650V、30A/50A BLDC Motor Driver

Features: AEC-Q100 Qualified, Bare Lead Frame: Pb-free (RoHS Compliant), Contributes to Downsizing of Equipment (Built-in low loss IGBT, Free Wheeling Diode, Bootstrap Diode), High Heat Dissipation Package
Application: HEV/EV High Voltage Auxiliary Equipment System


MD68xx Under Development

3Built-in 32-bit MCU with Multiple Output Power Supply IC

Features: AEC-Q100 Qualified, ISO 26262 ASIL-C Compliant (Error Correction Function, Clock Error Detection, Self-check Function)
Application: Cameras for ADAS, Image Processing Radars

Global Sales and Support Network

Global Sales and Support Network

Sanken's own sales and support network are located
across Asia, North America, and Europe.
We also have a network of our U.S. subsidiary, Allegro MicroSystems.
Sanken group offers a global network to support our customers world wide.

Sanken Electric will continue to empower the future
with power electronics.

Power Electronics for Your Innovation

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