SAM2 Series: Small-sized, High-voltage, 3-phase Motor Drivers

The SAM2 series, our latest 3-phase brushless motor drivers, supports voltages up to 1200 V and currents up to 50 A. All the devices required for controlling a 3-phase motor are integrated in its package.

Through the driver IC downsizing and high-density power chip mounting technologies, we succeeded in reducing the package size by ≥20% (compared to our old type ICs) with the same conventional devices included inside.

Moreover, the SAM2 series offers the industry-leading* temperature-sensing accuracy and low-noise characteristics. Your application will have a smaller PCB space, higher reliability, and more ease of designing high-voltage circuits.
So, this series is ideal for high-voltage, high-current applications such as an air-conditioning system intended for automotive and industrial use alike.

* Based on our survey as of May 1, 2022


  • Package size ≥20% smaller than our old ICs
  • Industry’s highest* temperature-sensing accuracy
  • Industry’s lowest* noise characteristics
  • Built-in bootstrap diodes (+ current-limiting resistors)
  • Built-in thermistor
  • Isolation voltage: 2500 V (AC, 60 Hz, for 1 min)
  • Reliability
     Automotive: AEC-Q100 and AQG324 qualified
  • Pin layout
     Automotive: Safety-conscious pin configuration
     (the VCC, OCP, and GND pins not adjacent)
     Industrial: Easily replaceable with products from other manufacturers

Protection Functions

  • Undervoltage lockout for power supply
     VBx pin (UVLO_VBx): Auto-restart
     VCCL pin (UVLO_VCCL): Auto-restart
     Overcurrent protection (OCP): Auto-restart

SAM2 Package


  • Automotive: 3-phase motor drives for high-voltage auxiliary systems used in electrified vehicles (xEV)
     (e.g., electric compressors, electric oil pumps)
  • Industrial: Commercial air conditioner compressors, general-purpose inverters, servomotors, etc.

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All-in-One and Compact

Schematic View: DBC Structure

Package Size Reduced by ≥20%

The SAM2 series employs the DBC (Direct Bonding Copper) structure in which components like a chip can be placed directly on a substrate.
With this new structure, we achieved to put together not only a power chip but also a temperature-sensing thermistor compactly inside.
We also successfully reduced the package size by ≥20% compared to our old type ICs, while not changing the devices to be included inside but changing the MIC size in the driver part.

Although the package is downsized, this series still ensures reliability because of its sufficient insulation distances, including clearance and creepage.
For automotive use, we emphasized the ‘design for safety’ and placed the VCC, OCP, and GND pins not to be adjacent.
For industrial use, we considered the ‘design for replaceability’ and came up with the pin configuration compatible with products from other manufacturers.

In addition, the SAM2 series comes in two different lengths of external pins to meet diverse scenarios and needs that your application may face.

Industry’s Highest* Temperature-sensing Accuracy

In the SAM2 series, the temperature-sensing thermistor is placed on the same DBC substrate as the power chip, not on the lead frame.
This helps your application have the industry’s highest temperature-sensing accuracy and the followability to a rapid temperature change.
Its high sensitivity to an abnormal temperature in the driving elements also allows your application to have a wider range of actual operating temperatures and better motor system quality.

Industry’s Lowest* Noise Characteristics

We developed and built our own freewheeling diodes, whose soft recovery characteristics are outstanding, into this series.
And this approach turned out to be very effective for suppressing noise at turn-on and for reducing emission noise as well or better than competitors.
You can also design your application with fewer filter circuits.

SAM2 Series Selection Guide

The automotive-use ICs are also applicable to industrial equipment.

Part Number / Data SheetVCESICVCE(SAT)(Typ.)Recommended UsePackage
SAM265M30AA1 650 V30 A1.70 VAutomotive
SAM2 Package
LF2540, LF2541
SAM265M50AS3**650 V50 A1.80 VAutomotive
SAM265M50BS3 650 V50 A1.70 VIndustrial
SAM212M05BF1 1200 V5 A1.30 VIndustrial
SAM212M10BF1 1200 V10 A1.60 VIndustrial
SAM212M15BF1**1200 V15 A1.70 VIndustrial
** Under development (as of Feb. 2024)

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