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MPM series is hybrid module ICs that include a non-isolated buck converter circuit with an inductor in a full-mold package. These features achieve simple circuit using few components, and reduce design time and PCB space.


FA equipment ・Telecommunication equipment・Consumer equipment・Others


・Few external components realize reducing design and
    assembly cost.
   (Built-in inductor and phase compensation circuit)
・Easy to mount heatsink by full-molded package
・Two types of lead forming:
   Upright angle for realizing mount area saving;
   Right angle for low profile mounting
・PWM synchronous rectification
・Wide input voltage range and high efficiency
   Overcurrent Protection: Pulse-by-pulse
   Overvoltage Protection: Latch
   Thermal Shutdown: Auto-restart


MPM series lead forming options: upright angle and right angle

Products VO
MPM80 3V to 16V
MPM81 3.3V(fixed-output)
MPM82 5.0V(fixed-output)

*Please refer to the data sheet for additional information


Package Name:TO220F-8L

Package Diagram


Minimum Input Voltage8V
Maximum Input Voltage30V
Minimum Output Voltage3V
Maximum Output Voltage16V
Output Voltage
Output Current2A
Operating Frequency630kHz
Synchronous / AsynchronousSynchronous
Overcurrent ProtectionDrooping Type
Thermal ProtectionYES
Soft StartYES

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Representative Circuit

Internal Block Diagram

Pin-out Diagrams

Data sheetdownload (PDF:1092.14KB)
Application Note
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