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SI-8000JD series is a chopper type switching regulator IC, incorporating various features and protection functions needed for a step-down switching regulator.
Switching regulator with high precision and high efficiency can be constructed with only 4 discrete components.


・On-board local power supply ・Power supply for OA equipment
・For stabilization of the secondary-side output voltage of regulators ・Power supply for telecommunication


・Compact size and large output current of 1.5A
  TO-263-5 surface mount package, with maximum output current of 1.5A.
・High efficiency: 82%(SI-8050JD Vin=20V/Io=0.5A)
  Heat dissipation is small due to high efficiency to allow for the downsizing of a heat sink.
・Requires only 4 discrete components
  The regulator can be composed of input / output capacitor, diode and coil.
・Internally-adjusted phase correction and output voltage
  Troublesome adjustment of output voltage and phase compensation by means of external components is no longer required.
・Reference oscillation by a built-in timing capacitor
  No external capacitor for setting the oscillation frequency is required.
・Built-in functions for overcurrent and thermal shutdown
  Built-in foldback-overcurrent and thermal protection circuits (automatic recovery type)
・Output ON/OFF function(rise time delay setting can be made.)
  Output ON/OFF available, with low power consumption during OFF
  It is possible to delay the rising speed of output voltage at start-up by adding external capacitors.



Package Name:TO263-5

Package Diagram

Design Support


Built-in PowerYES
Output Voltage3.3V
Output Current1.5A
Input Voltage Range5.3V to 40V
Operating Frequency125kHz
Current Mode ControlNO
Maximum Input Voltage40V
Minimum Input Voltage5.3V
Output on/offYES
Low ESR Capacitor SupportNO
Overcurrent ProtectionFoldback Type
Phase CompensationBuilt-in
Thermal ProtectionYES

Representative Circuit

Internal Block Diagram

Pin-Out Diagrams

Data Sheetdownload (PDF:53.47KB)
Application Notedownload (PDF:1075.65KB)
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