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The SI-8005Q is a buck switching regulator IC with a built-in power MOS.
Due to a current control system, it is applicable to such a super low ESR capacitor as a ceramic capacitor.
It is provided with various protection functions such as overcurrent protection, low input prohibition, overheat protection etc.
In order to protect the IC against in-rush current at start-up, the soft start function is provided.
The soft start time can be set by connecting external capacitors.
A function to turn on/off external signals is also provided and by sending external signal to the EN terminal, the SI-8105Q can be turned on/off.
This device is supplied in the small and thin type HSOP 8-pin package including a heat slug on the backside.
The SI-8105QL ismounted in the DIP 8-pin package for flow mounting /power supply board (single side surface board).


・DVD recorders, FPD-TV
・On-board local power supplies
・OA equipment


・DIP8 package
・Introduction of current mode control method
・Output current: 3.5A
・High efficiency: 90%(at TYP, Vo=5V)
・Built-in reference oscillator (350kHz)
・Built-in drooping type overcurrent and thermal protection circuits
・Built-in soft start circuit
・Built-in ON/OFF function (active Hi)
・Low current consumption during off



Package Name:DIP8

Package Diagram

Design Support


Built-in PowerYES
Output Voltage0.5V to 24V
Output Current3.5A
Input Voltage Range4.75V to 28V
Operating Frequency350kHz
Current Mode ControlYES
Maximum Input Voltage28V
Minimum Input Voltage4.75V
Output on/offYES
Low ESR Capacitor SupportYES
Overcurrent ProtectionDrooping Type
Phase CompensationExternal
Thermal ProtectionYES

Representative Circuit

Internal Block Diagram

Pin-Out Diagrams

Data Sheetdownload (PDF:549.62KB)
Application Notedownload (PDF:1351.81KB)
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