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The SI-8205NHD is a synchronized rectifier type chopper regulator IC with a built-in power MOS.
Due toa current control system, it is applicable to such a super low ESR capacitor as a ceramic capacitor.
It is provided with various protection functions such as overcurrent protection, low input prohibition, overheat protection etc.
In order to protect the IC against in-rush current at start-up, the soft start function is provided.
The soft start time can be set by connecting external capacitors.
And the frequency can be set by connecting an external capacitor.
This device is supplied in a compact and thin HOSP 8-pin package with heat slug on the back side.


・DVD recorders, FPD TV
・OA equipment (printers, etc)
・On-board local power supplies


・High efficiency: 90%(VIN=12V, Vo=5V, IO=1A, fo=500kHz)
・150mΩMOSFET(High/Low side)
・Ceramic capacitor can be used for output
・Externally adjusted frequency type: 200kHz~1MHz
・Output voltage range: 0.5~24V
・Built-in drooping type overcurrent and thermal protection circuits



Package Name:HSOP8

Package Diagram

Design Support


Built-in PowerYES
Output Voltage0.5V to 24V
Output Current3A
Input Voltage Range8V to 43V
Operating Frequency200kHz to 1000kHz
Current Mode ControlYES
Maximum Input Voltage43V
Minimum Input Voltage8V
Output on/offYES
Low ESR Capacitor SupportYES
Overcurrent ProtectionDrooping Type
Phase CompensationExternal
Thermal ProtectionYES

Representative Circuit

Internal Block Diagram

Pin-Out Diagrams

Data Sheet
Application Notedownload (PDF:837.76KB)
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