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The SSC3S900 series are SMZ-driven controller ICs designed for LLC current-resonant switching power supplies, incorporating a floating drive circuit that drives a high-side power MOSFET.
And their functions include: Standby Mode Switching Function, Overload Protection with input voltage compensation, Automatic Dead Time Adjustment, and Capacitive Mode Detection.
These functionally-rich products enable power supply systems to be high efficient and low noise with only a few external components, resulting in downsizing and high cost-effectiveness.


Switching power supplies for electronic devices such as:
・Digital appliances
・Office automation (OA) equipment
・Industrial apparatus
・Communication facilities


・Standby Mode Change function: changes to standby mode
   by external signal
 -Output Power at Light Load: 100 mW (Pin = 0.27 W)
 -Burst mode in standby operation
 -Reduces audible noise by Soft-On/Soft-Off function
・Supports universal AC input power supplies
・Floating Drive Circuit
・Soft-Start function
・Capacitive Mode Detection Function
・Reset Detection Function
・Automatic Dead Time Adjustment Function
・Brown-In and Brown-Out Function
・Built-in Startup Circuit
・Input Capacitor Discharge Function
・Protection Functions
 - High-side Driver UVLO
 - Overcurrent Protection (OCP): 2-step detection
 - Limited Output Power Protection (LPP)
 - Overload Protection (OLP)
 - Overvoltage Protection (OVP)
 - Thermal Shutdown (TSD)



Package Name:SOP18

Package Diagram


Control MethodCurrent Resonant
ST Terminal Breakdown Voltage600V
VCC Breakdown Voltage35V
Oscillating Frequency32 kHz to 300 kHz

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Representative Circuit

Internal Block Diagram

Pin-Out Diagrams

Data Sheetdownload (PDF:1044.45KB)
Application Note
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