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STA801M is a 0.5A x 2 output switching regulator in a 10-pin single in line package. The device includes a built-in high side switching element and a flywheel diode, which enables 2 output power supply circuit to be constructed with only a few components. Output voltage of Ch1 is fixed at 5V, however voltage of Ch2 can be selected from 9C, 11.5V, 12.1V, 15.5V by setting the Vo2Cont pin together with the sensing pin. With internally-adjusted phase compensation, the product has been adjusted to work in accoradance with the set Vo. Includes a soft start circuit (output ON/OFF available), and a built in overcurrent and thermal protection circuits.


• For BS and CS antenna power supplies
• For stabilization of the secondary stage of switching power supplies
• Electronic equipment


• 2 regulators combined in 1 package
• Compact inline package
• Output current (0.5A × 2 outputs)
• Output voltage of Ch2 selectable from 4 levels
• Built-in flywheel diode (Schottky barrier diode)
• Requires only 7 discrete components (2 outputs)
• Internally-adjusted phase corrections and output voltages
• Built-in reference oscillator (125kHz) - Enables to downsize a choke-coil due to IC's high oscillating frequency.
(Compared with conventional Sanken devices)
• Built-in overcurrent and thermal protection circuits
• Built-in soft start circuits (Output ON/OFF available)



Package Name:ZIP10(STA-10)

Package Diagram

Design Support


Built-in PowerYES
Output VoltageCh1:5V Ch2:Variable
Output Current0.5A
Input Voltage RangeCH2 Vomax+2V to 40V
Operating Frequency125kHz
Current Mode ControlNO
Maximum Input Voltage43.0V
Minimum Input Voltage17.5V
Output on/offYES
Low ESR Capacitor SupportNO
Overcurrent ProtectionDrooping Type
Phase CompensationBuilt-in
Thermal ProtectionYES

Representative Circuit

Internal Block Diagram

Pin-Out Diagrams

Data Sheetdownload (PDF:56.50KB)
Application Note
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