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The STR-V100 series are comprise an integrated power MOSFET and a controller IC with a current mode and PRC* control for switching power supply applications.
* PRC (Pulse Ratio Control)---the control method for OFF-time fixed and ON time controlled (Sanken’s designation)
The SIP8L full mold package of low-profile and with creeping distance between high and low voltage of 4mm or longer (lead pin on Printed Circuit Board, PCB).
A startup circuit and a standby function are incorporated in the control circuit. Thereby, requirements for low power consumption and low standby power can be achieved. The product easily achieves high cost-performance power supply system with few external components and enhanced protection functions.


・White goods
・Digital appliances
・ Office automation (OA) equipment
・ Industrial equipment
・Telecommunication equipment
・ Other S.M.P.S


・SIP8L package (2.54 pitch, straight lead)
・Current mode PRC control
・Auto Standby function
 Normal load operation: PRC mode
 Light load operation: Standby mode (Burst oscillation)
・No load power consumption PIN < 40mW
・Built-in Startup Circuit
・Built-in bias assist function
・Leading edge blanking function
・Built-in Avalanche Energy Guaranteed
・Protection features:
 Overcurrent protection function (OCP): pulse by pulse
 Overload protection function (OLP): auto restart
 Overvoltage protection function (OVP): latch shutdown
 Thermal shutdown function (TSD): latch shutdown



Package Name:SIP8(STA-8)

Package Diagram

Design Support


Control MethodPRC(Fixed off time)
Output Power23W
VCC Breakdown Voltage(Max.)35V
Oscillating Frequency(Typ.)Fixed off-time period (11.5μs)

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Representative Circuit

Internal Block Diagram

Pin-Out Diagrams

Data Sheetdownload (PDF:935.20KB)
Application Notedownload (PDF:0.0KB)
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