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Air Conditioners

The demand for an energy efficient design in the global market has resulted in the increased use of inverters in air conditioners. Sanken offers a broad lineup including high voltage DC Brushless motor drivers for compressors and in/outdoor fan motors, energy efficient ICs and discretes ideal for PFC and in/outdoor switching power supply.

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Low power consumption is a vital feature for refrigerators which are in constant operation. Sanken's lineup includes high voltage 3 phase brushless motors for compressors, energy efficient ICs and discretes suited for major applications such as fan motors and switching power supply, and LED.

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Washing Machines

Use of inverters is increasing as more washing machines are designed with lower noise, smaller vibration, and with multiple washing functions. Sanken offers a lineup of high voltage 3 phase DC brushless motor for main motors and dryer fan motors, and switching power supplies for various applications. Energy efficient ICs, discretes, and LEDs for display applications are also available.

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Air Cleaners

As a method for coping with pollinosis and protecting the health from air pollution damage, the demand for air purifiers is expanding. Sanken provides motor driver ICs and AC/DC converter ICs which make quiet and energy-saving air purifier.

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Microwave Ovens

The demand for an energy efficient microwave has increased, and use of inverters and transition to switching power supply are accelerating.
Sanken supports energy saving system with offering high voltage diodes, IGBTs, power supply ICs, Diodes with temperature detection, and DC/DC converter ICs etc.

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Induction Cooktops

Induction Cooktops is in widespread use with reasons of acceleration in switching to all electrification, safety cooking without fire, and smooth temperature adjustment. Also, in recent years, the all metal type Induction Cooktops, which allows using any kinds of frying pans and cooking pots, enhance convenience.
Sanken offers a lineup of IGBTs and Triacs for IH and Diodes with temperature detection.

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Induction Rice Cookers

The market for Induction Rice Cookers is expanding. Induction Rice Cookers make rice tastier as it can heat evenly in a whole cooking pot and cook rice with high temperature. Also, these are superior in terms of energy saving that heat can be used efficiently.
Sanken offers a lineup of IGBTs for IH, Triacs and high efficient Diodes.

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