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Privacy Policy

Treatment of Personal Information

1.Acquisition of Personal Information

 Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) will acquire personal information in an appropriate manner whenever doing so, and notify you of, or announce in advance, the purposes of using personal information, unless such purposes are evident. The Company will acquire personal information in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan.

2.Purposes of Use

 The Company will use personal information provided to it to the extent necessary to fulfill the following purposes. Also, the Company will not use personal information for any purpose other than the following, except where the personal information provider gives prior consent to do so or such use is admissible under applicable law.

<Purposes of Use>

  1. To introduce, sell or offer the Company’s products or services, or answer inquiries with respect thereto, etc.;
  2. To offer or gather information on the Company’s products or services, etc.;
  3. To give guidance on exhibitions, briefings or other events hosted by the Company;
  4. To perform executed agreements;
  5. To prepare internal materials necessary to manage company affairs, propose or draw up business planning, etc;
  6. To submit legal documents to governmental authorities or make other notifications or reports;
  7. To maintain smooth relationships with business relations including, but not limited to, sending greeting cards to them;
  8. To respond to the exercise of any Company shareholder’s legal rights, perform the Company’s obligations owed to the shareholders of the Company, and provide them with information of the Company; and
  9. To select or hire employees from candidates who apply for employment.

3.Disclosure to Third Parties

 The Company will not provide any personal information provided to it to third parties except in the following cases:

  1. The Company has prior consent of the personal information provider;
  2. The Company outsources all or part of its businesses within the scope of the purposes of use;
  3. The Company co-uses the same with any of its group companies; or
  4. The Company responds to a statutory request or is specifically allowed to provide the personal information by statute.

4.Co-use within Group Companies

 The Company may co-use personal information provided to it with any of its group companies listed below to the extent necessary to fulfill the purposes of use.

Ishikawa Sanken Co., Ltd.
Yamagata Sanken Co., Ltd.
Kashima Sanken Co., Ltd.
Fukushima Sanken Co., Ltd.
Sanken Optoproducts Co., Ltd.
Sanken Densetsu Co., Ltd.
Sanken Business Services Co., Ltd.

5.Management of Personal Information

 The Company makes efforts to safely manage, maintain accuracy of, and update the personal information provided to it.


 Please refer any inquiries, regarding personal information provided to the Company, to the Company’s division in charge of the relevant business or the following:

Sanken Electric Co, Ltd.
General Affairs and Human Resources Division
3-6-3 Kitano, Niiza-shi, Saitama-ken
352-8666, Japan


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