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The STR5A100D series is power IC with primary side regulation for switching power supplies, incorporating a sense MOSFET and a current mode PWM controller IC.
Employing the Primary Side Regulation, the product achieves power supply systems with few external components. Including a startup circuit and a standby function in the controller, the product achieves the low standby power by the automatic switching between the PWM operation in normal operation and the burst-oscillation under light load conditions. The rich set of protection features helps to realize low component counts, and high performance-to-cost power supply.

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・Primary Side Regulation
・Constant Voltage(CV), Constant Current(CC) Control
・Auto Standby Function
・No Load Power Consumption < 30mW
・Operation Mode
 Normal Operation: PWM Mode
 Light Load Operation: Green-Mode
 Standby: Burst Oscillation Mode
・Build-in Startup Circuit
・Current Mode Type PWM Control
・Random Switching Function
・Leading Edge Blanking Function
・Soft Start Function
 Overcurrent Protection(OCP): pulse-by-pulse
 Overvoltage Protection(OVP): auto-restart
 Thermal Shutdown Protection(TSD): auto-restart


STR5A100D Series Lineup

Products Package Ron Pout*
STR5A162D DIP8 24.6Ω 4.5W
STR5A164D DIP8 13Ω 7W
*Open frame (AC85V~AC265V)


Package Name:DIP8

Package Diagram

Design Support


Control MethodPWM
Output Power7W
VCC Breakdown Voltage(Max.)32V
Oscillating Frequency(Typ.)65kHz

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Representative Circuit

Internal Block Diagram

Pin-Out Diagrams

Data Sheetdownload (PDF:853.20KB)
Application Note
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