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The SIM2600M series are high voltage 3-phase motor drivers driven by a sinusoidal control, which can support Hall element and Hall IC inputs, thus offering high-efficient yet low-noise motor control. Supplied in a highly heat-dissipating DIP package, where a controller, a gate driver, the output transistors of three phases, and bootstrap diodes are highly integrated, the SIM260xM series requires only a few external components for building a motor driver. This also allows a motor driver to be highly reliable in performance and design-friendly with its compactness. These products can optimally control the inverter systems of low- to medium-capacity motors that require universal input standards.

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    • Pb-free (RoHS Compliant)
    • Low Noise, High Efficiency
      (Sinusoidal Current Waveform)
    • Reduced Number of Parts Achieved by Built-in Bootstrap Diodes
    • Hall Element and Hall IC Inputs
    • Application-specific Optimal Settings with External Signals:
      – Motor Speed
      – Phase Adavance Angle
      – Motor Direction
      – User-settable Motor Lock Detection
       (Enabled or Disabled)
    • 5 V Reference Voltage Output
       (Used for Driving Hall Elements etc.)
    • Fault Signal Output at Protection Activation (FO Pin)
    • Protections Include:
      – VREG Pin Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO_REG)
      – Undervoltage Lockout for Power Supplies
       VBx Pin (UVLO_VB)
       VCC Pin (UVLO_VCC)
      – Overcurrent Limit (OCL)
      – Overcurrent Protection (OCP)
      – Thermal Shutdown (TSD)
      – Motor Lock Protection (MLP)
      – Reverse Rotation Detection
      – Hall Signal Abnormality Detection


    • Fan Motor and Pump Motor for Washer and Dryer
    • Fan Motor for Air Conditioner
    • Fan Motor for Air Purifier and Electric Fan


Type Power IC
Breakdown Voltage 600 V
Output Current 2.5 A
RDS(ON) max./
VCE(SAT) typ.
Output Element MOSFET
Input Threshold ― V
Overcurrent (OCP or OCL) OCP
Temperature Detection Thermal Shutdown
Fault Signal Output YES
3 Shunt Support NO
Bootstrap Diode Built-in
Simultaneous On-state Protection NO
Reg Output YES


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Typical Application

Typical Application

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Pin Configuration Definitions

Pin Configuration Definitions

Physical Dimensions

Physical Dimensions

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