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The SG-C17xxZ27 series are the rectification diodes designed for alternator circuit of automotives, and have zener characteristics with high surge capability.
They are provided in a press-fit type package that has high heat release capability, and high reliability for high temperature and humid environment. In addition, the bridge circuit can be configured easily in small area by using suffix “S” type and suffix “R” type of reverse polarity type.


    ・TJ = 235 °C Capability Suitable for High Reliability and Automotive Requirement
    ・Thermal Fatigue Capability: 5,000 cyc.
    ・High Surge Capability
    ・RoHS Compliant


IFSM 350.00 A
IF(AV) 35.00 A
TJ 235 ℃
VRM 20.00 V
VF 1.25 V
VZ (typ.) 27.0 V
Class (General/Zener) Zener Type

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Physical Dimensions

Physical Dimensions

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