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Package:L×W×H: 2.8×3.5×0.7mm

The SEP1FN1L89 is a surface mount LED with a color temperature of white (4600K). The light source emits a pure white light with the spectrum containing high-intensity red wavelengths. The product is suitable for LED lighting systems such as showcases.

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    • Color: White
    • MSL 3
    • RoHS Compliant
    • Pb-free, Reflow Soldering
    • High Reliability


    LED lighting for industrial equipment, houses, and facilities, such as:
    • Showcase for Foods
    • Spotlight
    • LED Tube
    • Ceiling Light
    • Downlight


Color image

Emitting Color
Color Temperature 4600
Forward Voltage 2.8 V
Luminosity mcd
Total Luminous Flux 17.7
Chromaticity (x,y) 0.3534, 0.3411
Dominant Wavelength nm
Color Rendering Index Ra55

Physical Dimensions

Physical Dimensions

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