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SCM1204M incorporates 600V8A IGBT, IGBT,FRDs for the 3-phase bridge, pre-drive ICs with protection functions such as UVLO (undervoltage lock out), OCP (over current protection), TSD (thermal shutdown), etc., and bootstrap diodes with limiting resistors into 1 package. Features full mold package with insulation breakdown voltage of 1/2000V, and supports 3 shunt method enabling current detection in each phase.

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    Built-in boot diodes with limiting resistors (22Ω) , built-in overcurrent protection (OCP) in each phase, high-side IGBT can be shutdown while overcurrent protection operates, built-in shoot through prevention (STP) circuit (when the ON signal is input simultaneously) , possible to shut down by an external signal, built-in thermal shutdown (TSD) circuit, supports CMOS(3.3V, 5V) input levels.


    Drivers for Refrigerator, air conditioner compressors, washing machine drums, fan motors, pumps


Type Power IC
Breakdown Voltage 600 V
Output Current 8.0 A
RDS(ON) max./
VCE(SAT) typ.
Output Element IGBT
Input Threshold 3.3/5.0 V
Overcurrent (OCP or OCL) OCP
Temperature Detection Thermal Shutdown
Fault Signal Output YES
3 Shunt Support YES
Bootstrap Diode
Simultaneous On-state Protection YES
Reg Output NO
Package Weight (Typ.) g

Physical Dimensions

Physical Dimensions

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