Sanken’s long-proven automotive solutions enable extensive product families (e.g., discrete devices, ICs, LEDs) to meet the market demands: BEV on-board chargers, high-voltage battery compressors and inverters, gasoline vehicle alternators and igniters.

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Alternator Diode Bypass Switch Igniter_High Voltage Diode Igniter_IGBT Power steering_Linear Regulator Power Steering_BLDC Motor Driver Power Steering_High-side Switch Power Steering_Power MOSFET Injector_Discrete Module Injector_Rectifier Diode Injector_Power MOSFET Transmission_Linear Regulator Inverter_BLDC Motor Driver Inverter_High-side Switch Inverter_Rectifier Diode On Board Charger_Rectifier Diode DC/DC Converter_Rectifier Diode Electric Compressor_Linear Regulator Electric Compressor_High Voltage 3-phase Motor Driver Electric Compressor_Reverse Connection Protecting Circuit Electric Compressor_Rectifier Diode Accesory_High-side Switch Accesory_Rectifier Diode Accesory_Power MOSFET Accesory_Linear Regulator Accesory_Interior lighting LED

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