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Automated Calculator You Just Need to Enter Power Supply Specs

Sanken STR Pro automatically calculates optimal constants!

Sanken STR Pro is a design support tool that automatically calculates optimal constants. You can simply enter the specifications of your power supply and get various data necessary for designing peripheral circuits, transformers, and more.

With our many years of experience in power supply designing, we have put our design-case-based knowledge into the tool’s database. If you are working on a design project but unfamiliar with it in some part, Sanken STR Pro is right here to help you through its correct calculations.
In addition, the tool auto-creates and outputs specification data in a format submittable to transformer manufacturers. This makes your document tasks more time-saving.

Sanken STR Pro is a key enabler — you can remarkably reduce your workloads in off-line converter development that involves actual equipment testing.

The tool only supports the STR6A/6S series so far. See more in the product list.

Simple and Easy to Use

Input form image

Click below to download the tool’s zip file.

Unzip the .zip file you downloaded. Open the .xlsm file and enable macros.

In the sheet that first appears, enter the input/output specifications of your power supply. The tool runs calculations automatically.
(You can also set the optional parameters, e.g., protection functions and oscillation frequency.)

Sanken STR Pro outputs three pieces of information as follows:

Sanken STR Pro outputs Bill of Materials, Circuit Diagram and Transformer Spec Sheet

Sanken STR Pro Features

Our proven know-how in designing will be at your fingertips.

  • Runs correct calculations by using the database created with our past design cases.
    You will no longer deal with computation you are unsure about.
  • Outputs a recommended PCB layout usable as a reference in PCB designing.
  • Helps you design a high-efficient and low-noise power supply.

You can eliminate time-consuming calculations for transformer and peripheral circuit constants.

  • Auto-calculates all parameters for transformer designing. You will no longer deal with manual calculations.
  • Auto-selects an off-line converter IC and diodes ideal for your power supply specifications.
  • Auto-calculates the ratings of peripheral parts to help you choose parts effortlessly.

You can directly submit the output data to transformer manufacturers as it is.

  • Outputs the specifications of a transformer in a format submittable to transformer manufacturers.
    Note that bobbins may differ among transformer manufacturers. Modifications to the tool’s output data may be required per manufacturer.

Sanshin Electric's Support Service

We cooperate with Sanshin Electric Co., Ltd., an electronic parts supplier and trader in Japan. Through our long-standing partnership, Sanshin Electric can take on not only providing existing transformers but also prototyping transformers that Sanken STR Pro picks out for your design project.
Sanshin Denki (H.K.) Co., Limited is a Sanshin Electric’s branch in Hong Kong. Sanshin Denki HK deals with requests for transformer prototype projects that are based on the design data created by Sanken STR Pro.
If you would like to request a prototype, email your transformer design data to Sanshin Denki HK.

Sanshin Denki (H.K.) Co., Limited
TEL: 852-2321-6869
FAX: 852-2321-6870

Supported Products (As of June 2024)

Supported Products : STR6A/6S series

Download Sanken STR Pro

Tool Name File Ver. Updated
Sanken STR Pro 1.13 2024.06.27

Off-line Converter Design Support Information

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