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Using the products

QCan I use Sanken's products in medical equipments?

QWhat are the precautions on handling the products?

QI need information on tightening torque.

QWhat is the correct way to store the semiconductors?

QAre there any precautions when mounting the semiconductor on to the PCB substrate?

QAre there any precautions when conducting substrate test or mounting test?

QHow can I protect the semiconductor from electrostatic breakdown?

QHow do I estimate the junction temperature?

QHow can I specify the luminous intensity rank when purchasing LEDs?

QWhy shouldn't I use a through-hole for LEDs?

QWhat are direct mount type LEDs?

QPlease tell me how to set the circuit constant of DC/DC Converters.

QI want to know the reflow profile.


QI want to repair an equipment that uses Sanken's product. How can I get parts for repair?

QI want to purchase products of Allegro MicroSystems.

QI do not know any distributors. Please tell me how to purchase your product.

QHow can I get samples?

QHow can I get quotations for the products?

QI forgot the name of the Sanken sales. How can I contact them?

QCan I purchase in small quantities?

QI want to check the delivery date of the product.

QI want to check if you have stock for the product I am purchasing.

QI want to know the standard packing quantity.

QWhat types of taping specifications for Diodes are available? How can I specify the type at the time of order?

Terms and Definitions

QWhat does the "Status" indicated in the product list represent?

QWhat do the letters "LF" indicated after the product name represent?

QWhat do the letters "O", "P", "Y" branded on the transistors represent?

QWhat does the suffix, such as “V”, “V0”, “VL”, “WS”, etc, at the end of the product name indicate?

QWhat do the letters branded on the packages represent?

QWhat do the lot numbers on the packages represent?

QWhat are the differences between the SLA7070MPRT series and SLA7070MPR series?

QWhat is IDE? What is MCU?

QWhat are the merits of using digital power supply?


QAre SPICE models available?

QDo you have the necessary operating environment prepared for the MD660x series?

QHow can I obtain information on export control?

QCan I have information on the substances contained in your products?

QI need data of the discontinued product.

QCan you provide Certificate of non-applicability, Parameter Sheet, and EAR documents?

QCan you provide reliability data, and MTBF data?

QCan you issue a conflict minerals report?

QCan you issue a RoHS / REACH Certificate of Compliance, and ISO Certificate?

Discontinued Products

QHow can I find a replacement part?

Technical Support

QCan you investigate the cause of the failure?

Can't find the information

QHow can I check if the product is RoHS compliant?

QWhere can I find information on BR300 and other module power supply?

QI need information on LED lighting products.

About Sanken Electric

QWhere can I find information on Sanken Electric?

QWhat kinds of products do you carry besides semiconductors?

Questions or Comments?

Please feel free to contact us if you cannot find the desired product from the lineup.