Winner of the Energy Conservation Grand Prize:
Sanken’s High-efficient Digital Power Management ICs [MD6750 Series]

Our high-efficient digital power management ICs — MD6750 series — won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award (Power-saving Field), as the highest award in the Product & Business Model Category at the FY2022 Energy Conservation Grand Prize sponsored by the Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ; supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).

Here are the advantages the awarded MD6750 series brought out: a 30% decrease in the number of components used in a power supply circuit; a 20% decrease in the size of power supplies; and a 2% increase in conversion efficiency at all load ranges.

With this award, ECCJ honored us for this estimated energy-saving effect as a promising efficiency enhancer for power supply circuits that are indispensable to meet the global growth of electronic equipment products.

Energy-saving System Achieved by Digital Control and Bridgeless PFC

Demand for Power Supplies to Be More Efficient

A social trend toward growing needs for energy conservation has led to more strict requirements imposing electronic equipment to have better efficiency even in light-load operations, such as during standby mode or internet communications.
For example, the ErP (Energy-related Products; former Eco-design) Directive, which is a new regulation set by the EU, has been implemented to strengthen the regulations on efficiency at light to medium loads.
Energy-saving performance significantly relies on a power supply circuit, which converts outlet-supplied AC power into DC power indispensable to any electronic equipment like a TV.
To address such recent demand for higher efficiency, we developed the products — MD6750 series — that will help your application easily support advanced digital controls.

Energy-saving System Achieved by Digital Control and Bridgeless PFC

Efficiency Comparison* under OLED TV Specs:
MD6752 vs. Typical Analog Power Supply

Higher efficiency at all loads from light to heavy!

  • Efficiency increase at 100% load
     88.9%→91.5% ▶ +2.6%
  • Efficiency increase at 30% load
     88.5%→92.0% ▶ +3.5%
  • Efficiency increase at 10% load
     79.0%→81.2% ▶ +2.2%

* Using 500 W power supply prototypes: an MD6752 digital power supply (synchronous rectification) vs. a typical analog power supply (diode rectification).

Energy-saving Effect Estimations*

  • Estimation when all the OLED/4K-LCD TVs domestically shipped are MD6750-applied:
      ▶ 23.79M kWh will be saved per year (OLED: 0.85M units + over-4K LCD: 3.56M units)
  • Estimation when all the OLED TVs globally shipped are MD6750-applied:
      ▶ 70.50M kWh will be saved per year (9.80M units)

* The number of units and the values of energy-saving effects are based on our own research.

Best Mix of Digital and Analog Technologies

Our MD6750 series achieves analog-digital integration by bringing together the MCU chip and the high-breakdown-voltage analog chip into a single package.

For Conventional Analog Power Supply ICs:

  • Performs optimal control depending on operating conditions
  • Enables GUI-based development and evaluation
    → Reduces adjustment workloads and costs
  • Supports additional functions other than power supply control

For General Digital Power Supply MCUs:

  • Requires no external power supply IC or gate drive IC for MCUs
    → Reduces costs
  • Simplifies design process through dedicated circuits

Product Overview


For devices requiring high power supplies such as:

  • Audiovisual Equipment (e.g., OLED TV)
  • Office Automation Equipment (e.g., Server, Multifunction Printer)
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Communication Equipment

MD6750 Series Selection Guide

Part Number /Data SheetPFC StageLLC StageVCC Power SupplyPackage
MD6751 Bridgeless
dual boost
(about 500 W)
Voltage mode
(about 200 W)
MD6752 Current mode
(about 500 W)
Externally supplied
MD6752S SSOP32

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