PWM Off-line Converter Design Support

This page summarizes the information helpful for designing PWM off-line converters.

Product Guideline

*For ErP Lot 7 (Tier 2), DoE Level VI propose

[ Green ] denotes the ICs with Green Mode (click here to watch the video).

[ Promotion ] : Click here to watch the STR6A100xV/xVD promotion video.

Design Support Pages


01. Green Mode
Our ICs with Green Mode will achieve high efficiency at light to medium loads.


01. Introduction
02. Features of the ICs with Green Mode
03. Oscillation Frequency Control
04. Load vs. Oscillation Frequency
05. Standby Operating Point Adjustment
06. Summary


02. STR6A100xV/xVD Series
The STR6A100xV/xVD series are power ICs for switching power supplies, incorporating a power MOSFET and a current mode PWM control IC.
These will contribute to efficiency improvement and noise reduction.


01. Introduction
02. Description and Features
03. Step Drive Control
04. Green Mode
05. Standby Operating Point Adjustment
06. STR6A100xV/xVD Series Selection Guide


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