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SI-8511NVS series chopper type switching regulator control IC provides various features and protection functions required for a synchronized rectification step-down chopper regulator.
The synchronized rectification type switching regulator with high precision and high efficiency can be composed by connecting external logic Nch-MOS FET, diode etc.


    ・Surface-mount package(TSSOP24)
    ・High efficiency due to synchronous rectification: 92% (at VIN = 5V, IO = 1A, VO = 2.5V)
    ・Capable of downsize a choke-coil due to IC's high switching frequency (400kHz typ, On Time Control). (Compared with conventional Sanken devices)
    ・Low reference voltage (Vref) of 1.1V. The output voltage is variable from 1.1V to 6V.
    ・High-speed response to a load
    ・Compatible with low ESR capacitors
    ・Soft start and output ON/OFF available
    ・Built-in overcurrent and output-overvoltage protection circuits
    ・PWRGD function to indicate the output voltage status
    ・High precision reference voltage: 1.1V ± 1.2%


    ・Power supply for laptop PC・cellular phones
    ・On-board local power supply
    ・OA equipment
    ・For stabilization of the secondary-side output voltage of switching power supplies


Built-in Power Controller
Output Method Variable
Output Voltage 6.0 V
Output Current A
Input Voltage Range 3.0 to 18 V
Operating Frequency 400 kHz
Synchronous / Asynchronous Synchronous
Current Mode Control NO
Maximum Input Voltage 18.00 V
Output On / Off YES
Low ESR Capacitor Support NO
Overcurrent Protection Drooping Type
Phase Compensation Built-in
Thermal Protection YES
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Typical Application

Typical Application

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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