The 2SC2837 is an NPN transistor of 150 V, 10 A. The product has constant hFE characteristics in a wide current range, providing high-quality audio sounds.

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    ● Complementary to 2SA1186
    ● LAPT (Linear Amplifier Power Transistor)
    ● High Transition Frequency
    ● Bare Lead Frame: Pb-free (RoHS Compliant)


    ● Audio Power Amplifier


Application Audio, general purpose
VCBO 150
VCEO 150.00 V
IC (-) A
IC (+) 10.00 A
PC 100.00 W
hFE (min.) 50.00
hFE (max.) 180.00
hFECondition VCE 4.00 V
hFECondition IC 3.0 A
VCE(SAT) (max.) 2.0 V
Complimentary 2SA1186
Polarity NPN
Clamp Diode NO
Chip Division LAPT

Block Diagram

Physical Dimensions

Physical Dimensions

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