The SCM1200MF series are high voltage 3-phase motor drivers in which transistors, pre-drive circuits, and bootstrap circuits (diodes and resistors) are highly integrated.
These products can run on a 3-shunt current detection system and optimally control the inverter systems of medium-capacity motors that require universal input standards.

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    ・Each half-bridge circuit consists of a pre-drive circuit
    ・In case of malfunction, all outputs shut down via three FO    pins connected together
    ・Built-in bootstrap diodes with current limiting resistors    (22 Ω)
    ・CMOS compatible input (3.3 to 5 V)
    ・Pb free
    ・Isolation voltage: 2500 V for 1 min,
     UL recognized component (File No.: E118037)
    ・Fault signal output at protection activation
    ・Protections include:
     Undervoltage Lockout for power supply
     -High-side (UVLO_VB): Auto-restart
     -Low-side (UVLO_VCC): Auto-restart
     Overcurrent Protection (OCP): Auto-restart
     Simultaneous On-state Prevention: Auto-restart
     Thermal Shutdown (TSD): Auto-restart


    For motor drives such as:
    ・Refrigerator compressor motor
    ・Air conditioner compressor motor
    ・Washing machine main motor
    ・Fan motor
    ・Pump motor


Type Power IC
Breakdown Voltage 600.00 V
Output Current 20.0 A
RDS(ON) max./
VCE(SAT) typ.
Output Element IGBT
Input Threshold (3.3V or 5V) 3.3/5.0
Overcurrent (OCPorOCL) OCP
Temperature Detection Thermal Shutdown
Fault Signal Output YES
3 Shunt Support YES
Bootstrap Diode Built-in
Simultaneous On-state Protection YES
Reg Output NO

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Pin Configuration Definitions

Pin Configuration Definitions

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