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SPF6001 is a 1 chip IC in a SPF 16 package. Pre-driver voltage is 150V. This product is suitable for 42V applications. During normal operation, boot circuit operates with gate voltage supply. However, when VBB voltage is low(≦10V), a stable gate voltage can be created by driving a charge pump circuit.

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    ・150V Bootstrap circuit operation
    ・Charge pump circuit/ built-in auxiliary power supply
    ・Sanken proprietary surface mount package


    3 Phase motor driver (EPS, DBW, pump, fan motor, etc)


Supply Voltage 35.00 V
Circuit Current 4.00 mA
Output Current A
Output Leakage Current
Output On Resistance Ω
Input Voltage V
Power Dissipation 2.97 W
Junction Temperature
Operating Ambient Temperature -40 to 105 ℃
Protection Function

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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