The NR263S is Synchronous Rectification buck regulator ICs integrates PowerMOSFETs. With the current mode control, ultra low ESR capacitors such as ceramic capacitors can be used. The ICs can realize super-high efficiency by performing pulse skip operation at light load condition. The ICs have protection functions such as Over-Current Protection (OCP), Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO) and Thermal Shutdown (TSD). Soft starting time can be set up by selecting an external capacitor value. The ON/OFF pin (EN Pin) turns the regulator ON/OFF. The NR263S is available in an 8-pin SOP package.


    l Synchronous Rectification with internal PowerMOSFETs
    l Current mode PWM control (Normal load)
    l Pulse Skip Operation(at Light Load Condition)
    l Up to 94% efficiency at normal load condition
    l Up to 86% efficiency at light load condition
    l Stable with low ESR ceramic output capacitors
    l Built-in protection function
      Drooping type Over Current Protection (OCP) with Auto-restart
      Thermal Shutdown (TSD) with Auto-restart
      Under Voltage Lockout(UVLO)
      Vo Short Circuit Protection (HICCUP)
    l By Vo = 5V fixed and external component count reduction  (NR263S)
    l Soft-start Function by External Timing Capacitor
    l Turn ON/OF the regulator function


    Refrigerator, air conditioner, LCD-TV, Blue-ray, power supply for digital consumer


Built-in Power Power IC
Output Method Fixed
Output Voltage 5.0 V
Output Current 1.0 A
Input Voltage Range 8.0 to 31 V
Operating Frequency 500 kHz
Synchronous / Asynchronous Synchronous
Current Mode Control YES
Maximum Input Voltage 35.00 V
Output On / Off YES
Low ESR Capacitor Support YES
Overcurrent Protection Drooping Type
Phase Compensation Built-in
Thermal Protection YES
Package Weight (Typ.) 0.078 g
Automotive Qualified NO

Typical Application

Typical Application

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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