The LC5540LD series is the power IC for the isolated type LED driver which has an incorporated power MOSFET,
designed for input capacitorless applications, and making it possible for systems to comply with the harmonics standard (IEC61000-3-2 class C) , even during light load condition.
The controller adapts the average current control method for realizing high power factors, and the quasi-resonant topology contributes to high efficiency and low EMI noise.
The rich set of protection features helps to realize low component counts, and high performance-to-cost power supply.

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    ・Integrated on-time control circuit
    ・Integrated start-up circuit
    ・Integrated soft-start circuit
    ・Integrated bias assist circuit
    ・Integrated Leading Edge Blanking (LEB) circuit
    ・Integrated maximum on-time limit circuit
    ・Protection functions
     Overcurrent protection (OCP): Pulse by pulse
     Overvoltage protection (OVP): latch shutdown
     Overload protection (OLP): latch shutdown
     Thermal shutdown (TSD): latch shutdown


    ・LED lighting equipment
     Ceiling lights
     Down lights, etc


Circuit Type Flyback
Isolated / Non-Isolated Isolated
MOSFET Breakdown Voltage 650.00
On-Resistance 1.90 Ω
Output Current 16W A
OCP Pulse by pulse
OLP Latch
OVP Latch
LED Open / Short Protection NO
Dimming Function Analog

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Pin Configuration Definitions

Pin Configuration Definitions

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