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The LC5720S product is the power IC for LED driver which incorporates a power MOSFET and a controller IC in a package. This product is a DC/DC converter which features are; wide input voltage range, 500kHz operating frequency, and Buck/ Boost/ Buck-Boost converter can be selected with external circuit configuration. LED string current can be set with the external resistor, and LED dimming can be controlled by the digital input signal. The rich set of protection features helps to realize low component counts, and high performance-to-cost power supply.

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    l Operation Types: The following converter types are applicable by the external circuit configuration
      Buck Converter
      Boost Converter
      Buck-Boost Converter
    l ILED=2.0A
    l Fosc=500kHz
    l VCS : 100mV±5%
    l High Efficiency: η > Typ.90%
    l PWM Dimming Frequency: 20kHz(Max)
    l Protection Functions
      OCP: Pulse-by -pulse
      TSD: Auto Restart


    ・DC input LED Lighting
    ・Indoor/Outdoor LED Lighting
    ・LED Spotlight
    ・RGB LED Lighting


Type Power IC
Circuit Type Buck-Boost
Isolated / Non-Isolated Non-Isolated
MOSFET Breakdown Voltage 50 V
On-Resistance 0.22 Ω
Output Power / Output current 2.0A
OCP Pulse by pulse
OLP Latch / Auto Restart
OVP Auto Restart
LED Open / Short Protection YES
Dimming Function Analog

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Pin Configuration Definitions

Pin Configuration Definitions

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