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The SSC9510 series products are controller ICs, incorporating a floating drive circuit forhalf-bridge type resonance.
The product achieves high efficiency and low noise power supplysystems by the ZVS and ZCS.
The product is recommended for high-efficiency small andstandardized power supplies because of easy circuit designs with few external components.


    ・DIP16 package
    ・Built-in floating drive circuit
    ・Built-in Soft Start Function
    ・Uncontrollable operation detection function
    ・Auto Dead-time control
    ・Built-in Brown-In/Brown-Out Function
    ・Protection functions:
     External Latch Function: latch shutdown by external signal.
     Overcurrent protection (OCP): Three steps protection corresponding to over current levels
     Overload protection (OLP): Latch shutdown
     Overvoltage protection (OVP): Latch shutdown
     Thermal shutdown (TSD): latch shutdown


    Power supply for
    ・LCD TV
    ・OA equipment
    ・Industrial equipment


Control Method Current Resonant
Type Controller
Output Current W
RDS(ON) (max.) Ω
VDSS (min.) V
VCC (max.) 35 V
Oscillating Frequency(typ.) 31.2 to 335 kHz
OLP Latch
OVP Latch
Brown-in / out YES
TSD Latch
Power Consumption at No Load

Typical Application

Typical Application

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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