The STR-V600 series is a power IC for switching power supplies, incorporating a power MOSFET and a current mode PWM controller IC in one package.
The SIP8L full mold package features low height and creeping distance of 4mm or longer between high and low voltage pin bases.
To achieve low power consumption, the product includes a startup circuit and a standby function in the controller.
The switching modes are automatically changed according to load conditions so that the PWM mode is in normal operation and the burst mode is in light load condition.
The rich set of protection features helps to realize low component count, and high performance-to-cost power


    ・SIP8L package (2.54 pitch, straight lead):
    ・Current mode PWM control
    ・Random Switching function
    ・Built-in slope compensation function
    ・Auto standby function
     Normal load operation : PWM mode
     Light load operation: Standby mode (Burst oscillation)
    ・No load power consumption < 25 mW
    ・Audible noise suppression function during standby mode
    ・Built-in startup circuit
    ・Built-in bias assist function
    ・Leading edge blanking function
    ・High speed latch release function
    ・Brown-in and brown-out function
    ・Internal power MOSFET is avalanche energy guaranteed
    ・Protection features
     Overcurrent Protection function (OCP): pulse-by-pulse, with input compensation function
     Overload Protection function (OLP): auto-restart, with timer
     Overvoltage Protection function (OVP): latched shutdown
     Thermal Shutdown function (TSD): latched shutdown


    ・White goods
    ・Digital appliances
    ・ Office automation (OA) equipment
    ・ Industrial equipment
    ・Telecommunication equipment
    ・ Other S.M.P.S


Control Method PWM
Type Power IC
Output Current 23 W
RDS(ON) (max.) 1.9 Ω
VDSS (min.) 650.00 V
VCC (max.) 32.00 V
Oscillating Frequency(typ.) 67
OLP Auto Restart
OVP Latch
Brown-in / out YES
TSD Latch
Power Consumption at No Load <25mW

Typical Application

Typical Application

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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