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MD6602 Series is an 8bit MCU (Micro Controller Unit) which is suitable for Power Control Application such as Digital Power Supply. It contains Rich Analog Functions, High Performance DSP (Digital Signal Processor), and High Resolution PWM, which can make your application much more efficient and much higher performance depending on the MCU’s low power consumption and forcible system support functionality.


    ・Rich analog functions
    Interconnections among Analog Components and External Pins are configurable by programmable analog network. A/D Converters, Comparators, and General Purpose OPAMPs are included.
    ・High Performance DSP Operations
    In addition to 8bit CPU, dedicated two 16bit TinyDSPs are integrated, which ensure Parallel Processing,
    ・DMA capability between Peripherals (DSAC)
    Data Transfers between Peripheral can be triggered by internal events. It can make Automatic Feedback Control System by communicating among A/D converter, TinyDSPand PWM without CPU interposition.
    ・System Support
    FLASH Memory, Timer Functionality, Serial Communications, Internal Oscillator, Power On Reset Circuit are also integrated.


    ・DC/DC power supply
    ・AC/DC power supply
    ・LED lighting control
    ・LED signage
    ・Motor control
    ・Chargers ...and so forth


CPU Core 8051
TinyDSP 16-bit DSP x 2 Units
Operating Frequency (max.) 50 MHz
Flash Memory 32 KB
RAM 1.00 KB
PWM 2-phase x 4 Channels (Minimum Resolution 1 ns)
10 bit A/D Converter (Unit/CH/Conversion Speed) 2 Units / 12 Channels / 250 ns
12 bit A/D Converter (Unit/CH/Conversion Speed) 12-bit Resolution x 1 Unit / 12 Channels / 1 μs
D/A Converter 10-bit Resolution x 4 Units
Comparator 6 unit
OPAMP 4 unit
I2C 1 CH
Timers 16-bit Timer x 4 Channels
GPIO Digital (5 V Input) 26
GPIO Analog 20
Operating Temperature -40 to 110 ℃
Supply Voltage 3.3 V

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Design Tool

  ◆ Operating Environment of MDStudio:  Please use " SDCC ver. 3.6.0 " as a C compiler.
Part Number Tool Name File Ver. Updated
MD6601MD6602MD6603 32 bit version: MDStudio-1.2.0-win_x86
(MDStudio and manual enclosed in zip file format)
1.2.0 Apr.26, 2019
MD6601MD6602MD6603 64 bit version: MDStudio-1.2.0-win_x86_64
(MDStudio and manual enclosed in zip file format)
1.2.0 Apr.26, 2019
  ◆ Tiny DSP Assembler
Part Number Tool Name File Ver. Updated
MD6601MD6602 Tiny DSP Assembler
(Tiny DSP Assembler and manual enclosed in zip file format)
1.1 Nov. 25, 2016
  ◆ Operating Environment of IDE (Old version: No longer supported)
Part Number Tool Name File Ver. Updated
MD6601MD6602 IDE_MD660x_Ver1.08
(IDE and manual enclosed in zip file format)
1.1 Nov. 25, 2016

Application Note

Part Number No. File Name File Rev. Updated
MD6602 AN0005 MD6602 Peripheral Function Setting Example
(Includes sample codes in project file format)
1.0 Jan. 25, 2016
MD6602 AN0002 Design Example of Non Isolated Synchronous Buck Converter
for MD6602
1.0 Sep. 06, 2016

Data sheet

Part Number Description File Rev. Updated Datasheet Errata Silicon Errata
MD6601 MD6601 Datasheet 1.0 Mar. 06, 2014

MD6602 MD6602 Datasheet 1.0 Aug.11, 2015
MD6603 MD6603 Datasheet 1.1 Apr.6, 2018

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