Introducing "Sanken Power IoT"

power IoT logo

Sanken Power IoT logo is a registered trademark of Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.

Greater intelligence, flexibility and connectivity are being required in the field of power electronics, including power supply motor control, in order to respond to the growing sophistication and complication of the systems.
In view of this situation, Sanken Electric has introduced the concept of
"Sanken Power IoT", which is an extension of the general concept of IoT (Internet of Things).

Sanken Power IoT is defined as below, and a logo has been created under this concept:
Sanken Electric's proprietary products and solutions that provide higher added value than ever before, by organically connecting power devices, control methods, sensing methods, communication methods, diagnostic methods, etc. with analog / digital control, and software technology.

With Sanken Power IoT products, we will contribute to the development of power electronic devices that are becoming ever more sophisticated.

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