[ Alternative : SSC2016S]


SSC2101S series is a power factor control IC with interleaved Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM) operation.
2-phase interleaved operation realizes low noise, and low ripple current. Also, high performance-to-cost PFC system can be realized with low component count.

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    ・Continuous conduction mode (CCM) system
    ・Average current control system
    ・PWM and frequency modulation functions
    ・Maximum duty cycle 94% (typ)
    ・Error amplifier reference voltage 3.5 V (typ)
    ・Built-in high speed load response (HSR) function
    ・Brown-in/brown-out protection function
    ・Protection functions:
    Output overvoltage protection (OVP): auto restart
    Overcurrent protection (OCP): two types, both with auto restart
    Open loop detection (OLD) on output: auto restart


    Power factor correction of middle power electronic devices
     ・AC/DC power supply
     ・Digital appliances (large size LCDTVs, PDPTVs)
     ・Office automation (OA) equipment: Computers, servers, monitors, etc
     ・Telecommunication equipment


Control Method
Max. ON-time / Max. ON Duty 15us
OCP Pulse by pulse
OVP Auto Restart
TSD None
Package Weight (Typ.) g

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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