The SZ-E10EF48 is a 80 V, 45 A Schottky diode for automotive applications. The product achieves characteristics such as low leakage current and low forward voltage drop, thus providing a high-efficient rectification circuit. Its low thermal resistance package has excellent performance in heat dissipation.


    • VRM 80 V
    • IF(AV) 45 A
    • VF(IF = 45 A) 0.76 V (typ.)
    • H・IR(TJ = 150 °C) 50 mA (max.)
    • Avalanche Power 3 kW
    • Bare Lead Frame: Pb-free (RoHS Compliant)
    • Flammability: Equivalent to UL94V-0
    • Suitable for High Reliability and Automotive Requirements
    • Anode Heatsink Package


    High speed switching applications such as:
    • DC-DC Converter
    • Adapter
    • Secondary Rectifier Circuit


IF 45.0 A
IFSM 300 A
VRM 80 V
VF 0.820 V
IR 50 μA
H・IR 50.0 mA
Thermal Resistance 0.50 ℃/W

Physical Dimensions

Physical Dimensions

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