Food Lighting LEDs to Create "Yummy-Looking" Colors
3 Types of Lighting LEDs Optimized for Meat, Fresh Fish & Produce, and Delicatessen Food

Our "Color Rendering" and "Presentation" Technology

Food Lighting LED Introduction Video (1 min 52 sec )

The "Color rendering" technology reproduces the true color of food. This is a basic approach to LED color matching that reproduces the color of food when illuminated by sunlight.
Sanken's "presentation" technology contributes even further by bringing out a more vivid, fresh, juicy look to fresh food.

During the 50 years of our LED business continuing since our establishment, we have responded to a wide variety of demands in providing products optimized for various fields including automotive, home appliances, and food.
In this process, we have cultivated our expertize in the area of advanced color management, including production methods that limit the targeted chromaticity range of LEDs while controlling spectrum, chromaticity, and rank mixing.

These technologies are combined to create food lighting LEDS that are packed with our "color rendering" and "presentation" know-how.
We performed color tuning optimized for meat, fresh food & produce, and delicatessen food, to create 3 products that make each food type look more appetizing.

By simply incorporating them into your products, such as lamps for food showcases and refrigerated cases, you can create products that meet the demands of the food industry.

DivisionPart NameColorLuminous Flux (IF=65mA)PackageApplication
LED for MeatSEP1FN1L89White17.7lm (typ.)L×W×H:2.8×3.5×0.7mm
Package Image
Lamps for Food Showcases
Commercial Referigerated Cases
Store Lighting Equipments... and more
LED for Fresh Fish & ProduceSEP1YN1L72White25.7lm (typ.)
LED for Delicatessen FoodSEP1YL1L72Warm White24.9lm (typ.)

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If you are looking for more than what the standard products can offer, we can provide custom production of LEDs specialized for your needs.
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Food Lighting LED Lineup

■LED for Meat  SEP1FN1L89

Creates more redness in the lean, and more whiteness in the fat by adjusting the spectrum.

LED for meat image
  • L×W×H:2.8×3.5×0.7mm Surface Mount LED(Flat Type)
  • Color: White
  • High Reliability; RoHS Compliant; Pb-free, Reflow Soldering
  • ▶Product Details / Datasheet

spectrum of LED for meat specification of LED for meat chromaticity of LED for meat

■LED for Fresh Fish & Produce  SEP1YN1L72

High color-rendering LED with continuous spectrum that reproduces the unique color of scales caused by the reflection and scattering of light, and brings out the natural colors of fruits and vegetables.

  • L×W×H:2.8×3.5×0.7mm Surface Mount LED(Flat Type)
  • Color: White
  • High Reliability; RoHS Compliant; Pb-free, Reflow Soldering
  • ▶Product Details / Datasheet

spectrum of LED for fresh fish & produce specification of LED for fresh fish & produce chromaticity of LED for fresh fish & produce

■LED for Delicatessen Food  SEP1YL1L72

The 3000K color temperature further emphasizes redness and is optimized for delicatessen food, providing a "fresh from the oven / fryer " presentation.

LED for Delicattesen Food image
  • L×W×H:2.8×3.5×0.7mm Surface Mount LED(Flat Type)
  • Color: Warm White
  • High Reliability; RoHS Compliant; Pb-free, Reflow Soldering
  • ▶Product Details / Datasheet

spectum of delicatessen food specification of delicatessen food chromaticity of delicatessen food

Package Specification (All 3 Products)

Package Image Absolute Maximum Ratings Maximum Forward Current Graph

Customization to provide the Desired Lighting for Each Scene

Standard and custom products are available to provide extensive support.

Spectrum-level customization is available for customers looking for more effective showcase ideas.
In fact, we have received many requests for custom products, and provided high-level satisfaction that could only be achieved by customization.
Various approaches can be taken to compare and contrast the samples, such as quantifying the colors or by visually confirming using demo machines.
We can offer you a “custom light” through our proven know-how in LED color tuning technology.

Example of customization: Redness emphasized, yellow suppressed

customization example 1 customization example 2

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