10 Precautions for Disposal of Semiconductor Devices

10.1. Precautions for Disposal of Semiconductor Devices

Our semiconductor devices have the built-in chips, which are manufactured with a minute amount of impure substances harmful to a human body. These substances are bound to the chip materials used on a molecular level and will never be drained away. They are also completely sealed by packages and thus have no influence on the environment. However, when disposing our semiconductor devices, please be sure to hire a professional waste disposer to treat them as industrial waste, not to crush or burn them without proper treatment or careful consideration.

10.2. Precautions for Reuse of Semiconductor Devices and Storage Containers

1) Reuse of Semiconductor Devices

The reliability of semiconductor devices depends on storage environments and externally applied stress. Please do not purchase the semiconductor devices whose distribution histories are unclear. In addition, please do not ever reuse the semiconductor devices removed from the PCBs once populated. We do not warrant the quality of such semiconductor devices and cannot offer any follow-up service.

2) Reuse of Stick Magazines

Except for some cases, antistatic materials are applied to the surfaces of the stick magazines used for packing our semiconductor devices. Please note that the antistatic materials adhered to the surfaces are peeled off after repeated use, leading to insufficient antistatic effects. Therefore, please do not ever reuse the stick magazines.

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