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Package:Axial (φ2.7×5.0L/φ0.6)



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The SARS01 is an auxiliary switch diode especially designed for snubber circuits, which are used in the primary sides of flyback switched-mode power supplies.
Being capable of reducing the ringing voltage generated at power MOSFET turn-off, the SARS01-incorporated snubber circuits allow better cross regulation of multiple outputs.
The SARS01 can also improve power supply efficiency by partially transferring such ringing voltage into the secondary side of a power supply unit.


    ・Improves Cross Regulation
    ・Reduces Noise
    ・Improves Efficiency


IF 1.2 A
IFSM 110.0 A
VRM 800 V
TJ -40~150 ℃
VF 0.92 V
IR 10 μA
H・IR 50 μA
Thermal Resistance 20 ℃/W
Package Weight (Typ.) 0.2 g
Automotive Qualified NO

Typical Application

Typical Application

Physical Dimensions

Physical Dimensions

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