2 Precautions for Transportation

Please note that a package may be internally and/or externally damaged or characteristics deteriorated due to inappropriate stress applied to semiconductor devices depending on the transportation method or environment.

2.1 Shock

When loading or unloading our semiconductor devices onto or from vehicles such as trucks, please pay sufficient attention to prevent outer shipping boxes from any shock. Please also consider taking measures (e.g., cushioning) to protect our semiconductor devices from vibration and shock during transport. Mishandling such as dropping or throwing may cause damage or dents on an outer shipping box. This may affect the quality of the semiconductor devices packed inside the box, including terminal deformation and package damage.

Example: Outer Shipping Box Dented by Dropping

Example: Outer Shipping Boxes That Forklift Applied a Shock

2.2 Stress

Please note that mishandling during transport (e.g., placing an outer shipping box upside down, or leaving it tilted) may cause stress improperly applied to our semiconductor devices. Such stress may thus affect the quality of the semiconductor devices packed inside the box, including terminal deformation and package damage. Please also consider avoiding poor palletization such as excessive stacking or misaligned column stacking .

Example: Poorly Tilted Column Stacking on Pallet

Example: Boxes Deformed by Tilted Column Stacking on Pallet

2.3 Temperature

In transportation by sea, unexpected accidents may occur due to a temperature rise by leaving outer shipping boxes palletized on deck or at port. Similarly in transportation by land, please pay attention to a temperature rise in vehicles. If the storage containers (stick magazines, trays, etc.) used for our semiconductor devices are exposed to a high temperature for a long time, the storage containers can be deformed. Such deformation may allow end stoppers to fall off by vibration during transport and may thus cause an accident that the semiconductor devices are scattered inside the packing boxes. When choosing your transportation route or shipping company, please consider ensuring that stick magazines or trays will be kept at or below 45 °C.

Example: Sticks Deformed by Temperature Rise during Transport

2.4 Water Leakage and Condensation

In transportation during rain or snow, please be careful not to get outer shipping boxes wet or to induce internal condensation. Wetted outer shipping boxes may not only affect our semiconductor devices but can also easily break due to a decrease in box strengths, resulting in unexpected accidents.

2.5 Transportation in Poor Environments

Our packing is expected to be used in transportation environments that are generally predictable. If you need to transport our semiconductor devices in extremely poor environmental conditions, please consider using vacuum packs or airtight containers.

2.6 Display of Handling Symbols (Care Marks)

If you need to change outer shipping boxes for transporting our semiconductor devices, please be sure to display handling symbols (pictorial markings for handling of packaged cargo ) on replaced boxes. In general, handling symbols are prominently displayed in any color of black, red, or orange, depending on the color tone of an outer shipping box. The examples of handling symbols displayed on an outer shipping box are listed below. (The copyright belongs to us.) We do not recommend unpacking operations during transport. However, if ESD-sensitive semiconductor devices may be unpacked during transport, please be sure to add proper handling symbols used as ESD caution.

Example: Outer Shipping Box with Handling Symbols

Example: Handling Symbols to Be Typically Displayed on Outer Shipping Box

Example: Handling Symbols to Be Displayed on Outer Shipping Box as Needed

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